SELECTED BALCA DECISIONS. Below you will find Selected BALCA Decisions that have particular importance or significance.


U.S. Department of Labor
Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals


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BALCA Remands/Denies "Dunkin' Donuts" Cases 97-INA-40; 97-INA-541 [02/16/00]

Use of information obtained ex parte to deny labor certifications.

BALCA 97-INA-315 (12/21/99), Emerson Radio Corporation [2/11/00]

Board rules in favor of Employer requiring Master’s Degree for EE Position.

BALCA 99-INA-123 (08/27/99), Emily J. Walder, VMD [2/11/00]

Employer evidence deemed not to be credible.

BALCA 99-INA-158 (01/06/00), Joram Rosenfield [2/11/00]

Common Law Wife Seeks to Continue Labor Certificiation upon death of Husband/Petitioner/Employer.

BALCA 96-INA-449 (01/06/00), Luminar Creations [2/11/00]

Prior Employment Evidence Found Not Credible.

Matter of El Rio Grande, 98-INA-133 (BALCA 2/4/00) (en banc) [2/9/00]

BALCA rules, en banc, that SCA definition of Cook II is broad enough to cover cooks specializing in foreign foods, and that DOL may properly use slotting -- if used in a reasonable and fair manner -- to determine a prevailing wage for an SCA-covered occupation.

BALCA Headnotes: Domestic Cook Decisions [10-Mar-99]

March 3, 1999, BALCA headnotes on three recent related en banc decisions involving domestic cooks.