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Printing Arrangements

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The sets of images shown below represent the front and back of a single sheet of paper.

Most laser and ink-jet printers do not print in duplex mode (e.g. they print on one side of a sheet of paper) In order to achieve the head-to-head or head-to-foot print arrangement, you may photocopy the second sheet onto the back of the first sheet, or print the pages one-by-one and feed the sheets back into the printer to print the other side. Head-to-Head means the top of the front and back of the page are at the same end of the paper. Head-to-Foot means the top of the front is at the opposite end of the paper from the top of the back.

Note: It is important to note and print the correction Head-to-Head or Head-to-Foot orientation. The U.S. INS will not accept applications that do not have the correct Head-to-Head or Head-to-Foot orientations.

Print "Head to Head"

Print "Head to Foot"