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Welcome! This section of our Website allows you to expand your Immigration and Nationality Law knowledge or interest by referring you to several important and significant related titles, in Association with books. Below you will find several Immigration and Nationality Law related-titles recommended by Vikram Badrinath. In addition, you may click on the link below to find Additional Immigration & Nationality Law related titles, or you may customize your own search using directly with the search engine located on this page. In the future, we hope to add many more titles and expect to have a catalog complete with all the current titles from the major immigration law publishers.

Primer/Beginning Books:

  • U.S. Immigration Made Easy (6th Ed) -- Laurence A. Canter, et al; Paperback
  • How to Get a Green Card : Legal Ways to Stay in the U.S.A. (3rd Ed) -- Loida Nicolas Lewis, et al; Paperback
  • U.S. Immigration and Citizenship : Your Complete Guide -- Allan Wernick; Paperback
  • Immigration Questions & Answers; Carl R. Baldwin
  • The Immigration Handbook : For Work, Investment, Study and Retirement in the U.S.A.; Henry G. Liebman Immigration Made Simple : An Easy to Read Guide to the Us Immigration Process; Barbara Brooks Kimmel, et al
  • The Immigration Lawyer's Bookshelf Essentials:

    Additional Immigration & Nationality Law & Policy Titles

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