Immigration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to Immigration Law's Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Traditionally, U.S. Immigration Law has always been a complex, and sophistocated realm requiring a great deal of expertise and experience, combined with problem solving abilities. Unfortunately, most immigrants come to this country with little more than a basic understanding of the English language and a desire to live the "American dream." Hence, the frustration associated with weaving through complex immigration regulations, bureaucratic procedures, and protracted administrative processing times becomes readily apparent and often makes the entire immigration process seem daunting, if not impossible.

The pages that follow are intended to answer some frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.). While they cannot substitute for your unique legal situation or the expertise of your own, competent legal counsel, they are offered as educational materials only in hopes of providing a basic framework for solving problems. The following questions and answers may assist you in gaining a basic knowledge and understanding of the various types of immigration issues that confront individuals on a daily-basis.


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