Nebraska Service Center P.O. Boxes Updated List

Updated: 07 JAN 1999

Nebraska Service Center
P. O. Box (Insert Correct Box Number listed below)
Lincoln NE (Insert Correct Zip Code listed below)

Post Office Box Numbers and Zip Codes for forms;

P.O. Box 87258, Lincoln, NE 68501-7258
I-90 (SAW) P.O. Box 87090, Lincoln, NE 68501-7090
I-102 P.O. Box 87102, Lincoln, NE 68501-7102
I-129 P.O. Box 87129, Lincoln, NE 68501-7129
I-130 (I-129F) P.O. Box 87130, Lincoln, NE 68501-7130
I-131 P.O. Box 87131, Lincoln, NE 68501-7131
I-140 P.O. Box 87140, Lincoln, NE 68501-7140
I-290 (Appeals & Motions) P.O. Box 87290, Lincoln, NE 68501-7290
I-360 P.O. Box 87360, Lincoln, NE 68501-7360
N-400 P.O. Box 87400, Lincoln, NE 68501-7400
I-485 (Employment Based Only) P.O. Box 87485, Lincoln, NE 68501-7485
I-485 (Haitian Adj. Only) P.O. Box 87245, Lincoln, NE 68501-7245
I-526 P.O. Box 87526, Lincoln, NE 68501-7526
I-539 P.O. Box 87539, Lincoln, NE 68501-7539
I-589 P.O. Box 87589, Lincoln, NE 68501-7589
I-698 (I-695/694) P.O. Box 87698, Lincoln, NE 68501-7698
I-724 (I-212/612/690) P.O. Box 87724, Lincoln, NE 68501-7724
I-730 P.O. Box 87730, Lincoln, NE 68501-7730
I-751 P.O. Box 87751, Lincoln, NE 68501-7751
I-765 P.O. Box 87765, Lincoln, NE 68501-7165
I-817 P.O. Box 87817, Lincoln, NE 68501-7817
I-824 P.O. Box 87824, Lincoln, NE 68501-7824
I-864 (Affidavit of Support) P.O. Box 87864, Lincoln, NE 68501-7864
Requested evidence P.O. Box 82521, Lincoln, NE 68501-2521
and General Correspondence

NOTE 1: Use the box number for the principal application more then one application is concurrently submitted. For example, if an I-485 is submitted with an I-131 and I-765, the application should be mailed to the P.O. Box Number for the l-485.

NOTE 2: If using overnight delivery by any service provider, please note the box number on the envelope and use the appropriate zip code stated above.

ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE COURIER (FedEx, UPS, Etc.): C850 "S" Street, Lincoln, NE 68508

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