Vikram K. Badrniath has been certified as a specialist in Immigration & Nationality Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

Why Does the State Bar Certify Legal Specialists?


What Does It Mean When an Attorney is a "Certified" Specialist?
A certified specialist is more than just an attorney who specializes in a particular area of law. A California attorney who is certified by the State Bar as an Immigration and Nationality Law specialist must have:


What Can a Certified Immigration & Nationality Law Specialist Do for You?

If apprehended by the BCIS (INS), you need qualified representation in bond and deportation hearings to assure due process and appeal rights.

As an employer, representation at BCIS (INS) audits and investigations assures compliance with verification and hiring requirements and vaoids fines or penalites.

The more complicated your situation, the more reason to consider hirigin an attorney who specializes in Immigration & Nationality Law and who is committed through certification to keeping up her or his proficiency through continual practice and continuing education.


The State Bar of California program for certifying legal specialists is a Supreme Court approved method of certifying attorneys as specialists in eight specialty areas: Appellate Law, Criminal Law; Estate Planning; Trust & Probate Law; Family Law; Immigration & Nationality Law; Personal & Small Business Bankruptchy Law; Taxation Law, and Workers' Compensation Law.

Attorneys are certified through a process which includes successful passage of a written examination, completion of specific tasks in that specialty area, attendence at a prescribed number of approved education programs, and peer review. Certification is for a five-year period during which time specialists must continue to meet taks and education and peer review requirements similar to those for certification.

The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization