U.S. INS Restructuring Director Announced

December 7, 2001

WASHINGTON - Immigration and Naturalization Service James W. Ziglar has named Richard B. Cravener as Director of the Office of INS Restructuring. Most recently, he served as the District Director of the Houston District Office.

Restructuring of INS has been one of Commissioner Ziglar's top priorities since his confirmation in July. Plans for the final structure have been submitted to Congress and, subject to Congressional reprogramming approval, restructuring initiatives will occur over the next three years. INS is committed to restructuring its enforcement and benefits programs in response to a myriad of immigration issues in these specific program areas.

Mr. Cravener began his career with INS in 1972 as an Immigration Inspector. Over the course of his career, he held many positions, including Border Patrol Agent in Southern California; Senior Patrol Agent and Assistant Chief Patrol Agent at the Border Patrol Academy in Glynco, Georgia; and Assistant District Director for Investigations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr. Cravener also served as the INS Assistant Attaché at the American Embassy in Rome and as the INS Attaché at the American Embassy in Hong Kong. 

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