U.S. INS Advisory on Processing of Asylee Adjustments

In order to ensure utilization of all 10,000 asylum adjustment numbers, a new  procedure for adjudicating these cases has been developed for Fiscal Year 2002. Beginning with the issuance of this memorandum, each field office may adjudicate any case with a priority date of June 9, 1998 or earlier. A list of all known asylum adjustment cases with a priority date of June 9, 1998 or earlier has been forwarded electronically. The ADDE or OIC shall ensure that the cases are located within their office. If other cases with the same priority date are encountered, they may also be adjudicated.  Before a case may be adjudicated, a number must be requested via e-mail from the Nebraska Service Center. The request must include the priority date,
A-number, FCO and any comments. No case may be adjudicated unless
authorization is received via email from NSC. Before requesting the authorization to adjudicate the case, a determination must be made that the case is complete, including a current fingerprint response from the FBI.  The case must be reviewed to ensure that the individual is not eligible for adjustment under another classification. All Copy 3s of the I-181 must be sent to the NSC within 10 days of adjudication, in order to properly
maintain the official count of asylum adjustments. 

In order to sustain control over the asylum adjustment count, beginning on January 1, 2002, all asylum adjustment cases pending in District offices will be centralized at the Nebraska Service Center. Cases that have had an interview but have a pending request for evidence or cases that are pending a denial, shall be maintained at the local office until completion. All other cases must be sent to the Nebraska Service Center. To facilitate the achievement of this objective, cases should be forwarded to Nebraska as expeditiously as possible. 

The Nebraska Service Center will issue fingerprint notices and adjudicate the cases, unless a decision is made that the case requires an interview. If an interview is required, the case will be sent to the office having jurisdiction over the applicant. That office will complete the case and, if approved, will request an authorization number from the Service Center.