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  • Legislative Update, Volume 5, Number 16, November 9, 2001 [11/12/2001]
    Anti-Terrorism Bill Signed Into Law; Enhanced Border Security Act Introduced in House and Senate; Competing Security Proposal Introduced in Congress; Senate Votes Down Restriction on Due Process; INS Reorganization Bill Introduced as Hill Awaits Administration's Plan; House Passes Airline Security Bill; House Holds Hearings on Student Tracking; House Subcommittee Approves Worker Verification Extension; House Holds Hearing on Foreign Student Tracking ; Recently Introduced Legislation; Summary of USA Patriot Act of 2001.
  • Attorney General Discusses Reorganization [11/12/2001]
    Attorney General Ashcroft announces 'a wartime reorganization and mobilization of the nations's justice and law enforcement resources'. The announcement references the planned INS reorganization.
  • DOS Discusses Increased Security Checks [11/12/2001]
    A State Dept. press briefing includes discussion of increased security procedures for certain individuals.
  • Homeland Security Presidential Directive-2 [11/12/2001]
    INS introduces the Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force, as well as provides info on the enhancement of INS & Customs enforcement capability, the stop of student visa 'abuse', the initiation of Complementary Immigration Policies, and the use of advanced technologies.
  • Increasing Safeguards & Improving Vital Info Sharing [11/11/2001]
    INS provides an up-date on the first formal meeting of the full Homeland Security Council and summarizes the Presidential Directive addressing immigration policies/practices and the entry of potential terrorists.
  • REVISED AILF Practice Advsory on Reinstatement [11/07/2001]
    This practice advisory on reinstatement of removal revises and adds to the AILF practice advisory originally posted to the Infonet on October 10, 2001.
  • Detainees' Communications with Attorneys May Be Monitored [11/06/2001]
    Justice Dept. rule change allows monitoring of communications between inmates/detainees and attorneys where a determination is made that it is necessary to deter violence or terrorism. Notice of the monitoring must be given. (66 FR 55062, 10/31/01).
  • U.S. INS Announces H-1B Usage for FY 2001 [11/06/2001]
    INS announces that 163,200 H-1B numbers were used in fiscal 2001.
  • DOS Cable on Patriot Act Inadmissibility Grounds [11/06/2001] State Dept. sends posts the texts of INA sections 212(a)(3)(B) and (F) following passage of the USA Patriot Act. Implementation instructions are not included.
  • Ashcroft Statement Re DOJ Tactics [11/01/2001]Attorney General Ashcroft, analogizing to Robert Kennedy's efforts to battle organized crime, vows to use 'aggressive arrest and detention tactics' in the governments anti-terrorism campaign.
  • DOS Updates FAM Regarding K Visas [11/01/2001] U.S. Department of State circulates to posts the amended notes to section 41.81 of the Foreign Affairs Manual, relating to K visas, including the new K-3 and K-4 visas.

  • EOIR Rule Change on Custody Orders [11/01/2001] An EOIR rule change provides for a 10-day automatic stay of release while INS seeks BIA review of an IJ's release from custody order where the INS ordered the person held without bond or set a bond of more than $10,000.

  • USA Patriot Act of 2001 with Section-by-Section Review [11/01/2001] Final version of the anti-terrorism legislation passed by the House and Senate in response to the September 11 events. Includes a section-by-section summary of the legislation.

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