OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. Below you will find U.S. INS Operating Instructions for selected topics.



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The following Operations Instructions are removed:

Transmittal Memo (TM2), M-450 Inspector's Field Manual, Dated March 13, 1998.

OI 103.6(a), OI 103.6(c)-(e), OI 103.6(g), OI 213 (all), OI 221(all), OI 237 (all), OI 239 (all), OI 254 -257 (all), OI 271-273 (all), OI 280 (all).

Transmittal Memo (TM1), M-450 Inspector's Field Manual, Dated June 24, 1997.

OI 101(all), 103.1(e), 103.1(e-1), 103.1(f), 103.1(g), 208 (all), 211.1, 211.2, 211.5, 212.3, 212.8, 212.9, 212.10, 212.11, 212.12, 215(all), 231(all), 233(all), 235(all, including appendixes), 236(all), 241(all), 242.1, 242.2(including appendix), 242.3, 242.4, 242.5, 242.6(a) through (c), 242.7(a) through (c), 242.10, 242.12, 243.1(a), 243.3(c), 243.5, 244(all), 246(all), 251(all), 252(all except 252.5 and appendix to OI 252.5), 253(all), 289(all), and Appendices 212.1 and 212.8.

OI Appendix 212.1 (six month list only) is redesignated as Appendix 15-2 of the IFM. OI Appendix 212.8 and 212.8(e), Exchange Visitors Skills List and amendments, have been updated and will appear as a separate handbook on this issue of INSERTS.


Section Number Brief Description of Section Title
OI 3 Executive Office for Immigration Review
OI 101 Presumption of lawful admission
OI 103 Powers and duties of service officers; availability of service records
OI 104 Communication with Department of State
OI 105 Communication with FBI
OI 107 Private Bills
OI 202 Visa number chargeability
OI 204 Petition to classify alien as immediate relative of a United States citizen or as a preference immigrant
OI 205 Revocation of approval of petitions
OI 207 Admission of refugees
OI 208 Procedures for asylum and withholding of deportation
OI 209 Adjustment of status of refugees and aliens granted asylum
OI 211 Documentary requirements: Immigrants; waivers
OI 212 Documentary requirements: Nonimmigrants; waivers; admission of certain inadmissible aliens; parole
OI 213 Admission of aliens on giving bond or cash deposit
OI 214 Nonimmigrant classes
OI 215 Alien residents
OI 221 Posting of bond prior to issuance of nonimmigrant visa
OI 223 Reentry permits
OI 223a Refugee travel document
OI 231 Arrival-departure manifests and lists; supporting documents
OI 233 Use of Form I-259 for temporay removal and other purposes
OI 234 Physical and mental examination of arriving aliens
OI 235 Inspection of persons applying for admission
OI 236 Exclusion of aliens
OI 237 Penalities for violation of Section 237 of the Act
OI 238 Contracts with transportation lines
OI 239 Penalities for violation of Section 239 of the Act
OI 241 Discretionary waiver of deportability
OI 242 Proceedings to determine deportability of aliens in the United States: Apprehension, custody, hearing, and appeal
OI 243 Deportation of aliens in the United States
OI 244 Suspension of deportation and voluntary departure
OI 245 Adjustment of status to that of person admitted for permanent residence
OI 246 Rescission of adjustment of status
OI 247 Adjustment of status of certain resident aliens
OI 248 Change of nonimmigrant classification
OI 249 Creation of records of lawful admission for permanent residence
OI 250 Removal of aliens who have fallen into distress
OI 251 Arrival manifests and lists: Supporting documents


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