VIKRAM BADRINATH, P.C. is a full service Immigration law firm. We provide a complete range of Immigration law services including, business visas, work permits, business immigration, family immigration, but focus on representing individuals who are in Deportation, Excluson, or Removal proceedings.


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Why use Server Certificates? What does a SSL web server do?

When you connect to a secure web server such as you ask that server to authenticate itself. This authentication is quite a complex process involving public keys, private keys and a digital certificate. The certificate tells you that an independent third party has agreed that the server belongs to the company it claims to belong to. A valid certificate means that you can have confidence that you are sending information to the right place.

What role does THAWTE play?

Thawte Consulting issues such certificates to organizations and individuals world-wide. THAWTE is the only CA that has representatives across the globe: in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia and many other countries. Our certificates interoperate smoothly with the latest software from Microsoft and Netscape, so the user can rest assured that data information and use of a Thawte Server Certificate will provide unequalled confidence and superiority in data encryption and system security.

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