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Q:   I registered over the Internet and a screen told me that I had successfully registered, only it did not list my name, #, or date. There were dashes "--" in the Selective Service Number field and slashes "//" in the Date of Registration field. What is the problem? Am I registered?

A   Yes, you are registered and should be receiving an acknowledgment card within 2 weeks. The browser that you are using is not enabled for the use of "cookies" or does not support "cookies". Our web site uses cookies to pass information between pages and if "cookies" are not used, then the information that you used when entering data is not passed to the page that told you that you had successfully registered. If you can enable cookies, click on "To Check a Registration" from our home page ( to verify your registration.

Here are a few tips to enable cookies. In Internet Explorer, go to View on the menu bar, select Internet Options and click on the Advanced tab. Ensure that "Prompt before accepting cookies" or "Always accept cookies" is selected. In Netscape Navigator, go to Edit from the menu bar, select Preferences and click on the Advanced category. Ensure that "Accept all cookies" or "Warn me before accepting a cookie" is selected.

Q:   I tried to register but a message told me there was a problem with my Social Security Number. It said that I may have mis-keyed it and to try again. It also said that my number may not be in the data base. I keyed it again but the same message appeared. What should I do?

A   We receive Social Security Numbers from the Social Security Administration throughout the year. The data that they provide us is inputted into our data base. We can only add to our data base the information they provide. You must have a Social Security Number in our data base to register over the Internet. You can still register with us by visiting your local post office, fill out a Selective Service registration form and mail it to us. Or if you received a reminder mail-back card from us, fill that out and send it in.

Q:   I filled out the On-Line Registration form, submitted and received the following error:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error'800a000d'
Type mismatch: 'Cint'
/regver/register_nc.asp, line 293

What do I need to do to correct this?

A   This error is caused by entering non-numeric data, such as dashes or slashes, in the Date of Birth field. Ensure that you enter your date of birth in MMDDYYYY format. For example, if your birthday is May 20, 1981, you would enter 05201981.

Q:   A page is displayed indicating that something is wrong with the data that I submitted and my registration cannot be processed. What could be wrong with my data?

A   Check your data to ensure that you entered it accurately. In the first name and last name fields, special characters such as a period after a middle initial are not allowed. In the address field, only the following special characters are allowed: / & # - Please note, for example, that a period after a street abbreviation is not allowed.

Q:   I can't find "USA" in the Country window when I try to register. Is there a problem?

A  You are living inside the United States and are attempting to register using a page for persons living outside the United States. Go to our registration page and fill out the form on that page. Do not click on the link for a person living outside the United States.

Q:   I live outside the United States and am trying to register but the input box does not appear for the Street Address/City. How can I register?

A   This problem seems to be specific to Netscape. The font size that you have selected may be too large to enable the Street Address/City input box to appear on the page. You can fix the problem by going to View on the menu bar and selecting Decrease Fonts.

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